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2. Liquid Carbon Dioxide High Efficiency Thickener SFFR-2

Product Brief

Because pure liquid CO2 has many disadvantages, such as high friction, low viscosity, poor sand suspending capacity and de-filtration property, it shows the difficult construction, less sand carrying, easy gas channeling, easy loss, poor production increase effect and other problems when being used on site practically. Through the molecular design to the properties of liquid CO2 and supercritical CO2, and copolymerizes various special CO2 monomers in special solvents, so as to compound and get dry fracturing fluid reducing thickener SFFR-2With the molecular weight range of about 500,000 - 800,000, the SFFR polymer belongs to linear block copolymer. The product is white latex and is dispersed in liquid CO2 and occurs with CO2 dissolution with the assistance of special surfactant. The molecular chains extend and form a big turning radius, which increases the internal friction to a great extent. This is the basis for increasing the viscosity of liquid CO2, and the dissolution degree will be increased and solution rate will be accelerated under the supercritical status, thus, the system viscosity shows good temperature endurance within certain temperature range (20 - 150).

Performance Index



Density25±0.5, g/cm3


pH value


Freezing point,

≤ -18

Dissolution speed of 2% of SFFR-2 in L- CO2 (25), min

≤ 3

Viscosity of 2% of SFFR-2 in L- CO2 solution (25), mPa.s

≥ 80

Friction reduction ratio of 1% of SFFR-2 in L- CO2, %

≥ 70


Product Feature

1.Single additive: SFFR-2 dissolved in L- CO2 has the main properties of dry fracturing fluid.

2.Instant dissolution and high viscosity: Stir well at 1-3% concentration at normal temperature and it can disperse and dissolve in L- CO2 within 3 mins and have obvious viscosity with the viscosity of 50 - 150mPa.s.

3.Good friction reduction property: It has good shear thinning, and the friction reduction rate can be more than 70%.

4.Strong sand suspension capacity: It is viscoelastic fluid after the dissolution, and has good dynamic sand carrying capacity, and can reach sand rate of 30%.