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1. Integrated Self-crosslinking Emulsion Fracturing Fluid Thickener SFFR-6

 Product Brief

As for new integrated self-crosslinking emulsion fracturing fluid SFFR-6 product, based on the stronger space net structure in the dilute solution is formed through multivariate association among polymer molecules, without additional crosslinking agent, which is regarded as significant technological innovation of fracturing fluid system. SFFR-6 dosing features fewer constituents, ultra-fast and instant dissolution, cleaning and environmental protection, good sand carrying capacity, good friction resistance reduction, good gel breaking and flowback capacity, repeatable dosing, sand carrying capacity and friction reduction, and an integrated fracturing fluid system is formed. It can be conveniently used for conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, especially, it provides a good solution for large-scale fracturing and continuous site fluid dosing and recycling of the produced sewage.

 Performance Index





pH value


Dissolution time, min

≤ 1

Viscosity of 1.2% SFFR-6 solution, mPa.s

≥ 50

Static sand carrying property of 1.2% SFFR-6 solution, min

≥ 30

Viscosity of 1.2% SFFR-6 solution after shearing for 90min under 120, mPa.s

≥ 50

Resistance reduction ratio of 0.1% SFFR-6 solution, %

≥ 65


Product Feature

1.Perfect compatibility with liquid carbon dioxide thickener SFFR-2.

2.Single-dose multi-effect integration: The integrated operation of slick water and carrying fluid is realized. 

3.Online liquid preparation: Super fast dissolving (10-30s), which can be either continuous online or directly mixed on the sand tank. 

4.Clean and low damage: Core damage rate <15%, no dissolved matter, no fish eye, no residue, no residual gel, no bubbles, with a certain anti-swelling and drainage function.

5.Strong sand suspension capacity: The viscoelasticity space net structure in dilute solution, no need crosslinking. At a concentration of 0.4-0.8%, it has a good dynamic suspension carrying capacity at a low viscosity (20- 70mPa.s) and a very good static suspension capacity at a concentration of 1.2-1.5% (90- 150mPa.s). 

6.Excellent friction resistance reduction performance: At 0.1-0.3% concentration, the resistance reduction rate is up to 76%, and has good sand carrying capacitysand ratio 6-40%).

7.Easy gel breaking and backflow: High backflow rate, up to 50-80%; Easy and complete gel breaking, viscosity of gel breaking liquid ≤ 2mPa.s.

8.Temperature and shear resistance: This product can be used at 20-160, shear dilution, shear recovery is good.