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      The downhole operation services of Yan’an Shuangfeng Group are divided into two parts: the Oil-test Operations Department and the Testing Department. The Oil-test Operations Department has four complete sets of equipment for oil (gas) testing operations, including 50t and 80t derricks and tractor hoists, and a variety of tools for downhole accidents; while the Testing Department is equipped with one EXPRO separator, three LRC separators, five APR and MFE testing tools, two high-pressure control manifolds, four wireline trucks, 11 skid mounted rollers, more than 30 DDI electronic pressure gauges, over 20 downhole samplers, a variety of downhole fishing tools, five natural gamma and magnetic positioning correlation devices, as well as EPS and Saphir well testing interpretation software.
      Our services cover oil testing, gas testing, operations, overhaul, minor repairs, drill-stem testing, completion well testing, surface testing, well testing, tubing conveyed perforating, sand jet perforating, removal of troubles within tubes, processing and interpretation of well testing data and so on.