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       SFCF fracturing fluid series not only has advantages of cleanliness, low damage, no residue, temperature, salt and shear resistance, low friction, strong suspending ability, complete viscosity breaking and easy flowback, but is also able to change temperature, salinity, shear velocity and other unfavorable factors into favorable factors. Under the same apparent viscosity, it has a superior storage modulus and composite modulus, overturning the concepts of viscous sand suspension and sand carrying. Therefore, it not only applies to conventional oil and gas well fracturing, but also can be used in special fracturing, such as coal-bed methane and shale gas online dosing fracturing. 


- Low damage to reservoirs; 

- Reversible cross-linked and low-viscosity sand carrying (20 ~ 50mPa • s); 

- Wide applicable temperature range (20 ~ 180℃); 

- Good salt resistance (applicable salinity range: 0 to 10%); 

- Excellent shear resistance; 

- Low friction (in term of drag reduction, 30% lower than guar gum and 76% lower than water); 

- Instant and online dosing is applicable.