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    The production testing adopts three-phase separators which are widely used in gusher well testing at the early stages of oil and gas field exploration and development as its main equipment. It features a set of temporary ground production processes established to obtain the wellhead pressure, temperature, deliverability, physical capacity and other parameters of formation fluids in order to analyze the reservoir. Different nozzle specifications can be selected according to the testing plan to separate and accurately measure various phases of the fluid (oil, gas, water) with a separator by means of control over the flow, pressure and temperature, so as to obtain deliverability of oil, gas and water when a certain nozzle specification is used.
    Production testing is an important tool and means to comprehensively evaluate the reservoir in the petroleum exploration and development process, and applicable to onshore and offshore gas fields and condensate gas and oil fields. In most cases, the formation fluid is multi-phase fluid, that is, a mixture of oil, gas and water. Production testing mainly uses dedicated pressure-bearing equipment to form a set of closed processes from the wellhead to separator and finally to discharge hole. The formation fluid will be safely led to the separator through the wellhead test tree and choke manifold. Then, the separator will separate the formation fluid into single-phase oil, gas and water according to the incompatibility and different densities of multi-phase fluid. Based on parameters measured by using a variety of instruments, the deliverability of each phase can be obtained by use of the measuring formula. Furthermore, by changing the size of the nozzle, stable deliverability under different flow pressures can be obtained.

    ■Surface testing of gas wells
    ■Surface testing of yielding oil and gas wells
    ■Production testing of oil and gas wells