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      The thru-bit logging system provides slimhole cable transmission and memory logging mode. The logger only has an outside diameter of 2 1/8 in, which can pass through the drill at an inner diameter of 2 1/2in and can bear a pressure of 103Mpa and a temperature of 150℃.

◆ Process 

■ Non-wireline pump-out memory logging mode for horizontal wells

■ Conventional wireline logging mode 

■ Thru-drill pipe wireline logging mode for complex intervals

■ Thru-bit memory logging mode for complex intervals

◆ Effects 

■ Shortens logging time 

■ Relieves logging risks 

■ Compared with LWD logging continuity, drill-pipe transmission can be realized

◆ Characteristics 

■ There are higher requirements for slimhole operations

■ Logging tools are protected within the drill string and not easily damaged

■ Two logging modes are available: wireline and memory type