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■Perfect Matching Openhole Logging Series
Logging series for complex clastic reservoirs 
Logging series for fractured reservoirs 
Logging series for shale gas, coalbed methane and other special reservoirs 
Logging series and construction technology for slimholes, easily collapsing wells and complex trajectory wells 
■Cementing Evaluation Logging Series
CBL and VDL 
SBT for deep gas, carbonate, high-angle and horizontal wells
■Through-casing Imaging Logging
For reservoirs with disqualified fracturing oil test results and comprehensive logging interpretation
For old wells with incomplete data
■Production Logging Series
Injection profile logging for injection wells 
Remaining oil saturation monitoring of maturing field
Casing damage monitoring 
Logging for production liquid profile of production wells 
■Logging Data Processing and Interpretation Techniques Series
Reservoir evaluation and data interpretation module 
Fracture-cave quantitative analysis module for fractured reservoirs
Semi-deep gas interpretation module 
Interpretation evaluation module for low-porosity and low-permeability reservoirs, low-resistivity reservoirs and magnetic resonance