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Yao Yinliang, the Alternate Member of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Secretary Arrived at the Company for Investigation and Survey
Click:2379 Release time:2013-04-07


    On the morning of April 3, Yao Linliang, the alternate member of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the municipal party secretary arrived at the Company for an Investigation and Survey. At 9: 30 that morning, Secretary Yao and his accompaniment arrived at the Company. After investigating our Company alongside company leaders, and listening to the introduction about the service of the company and technical force, Secretary Yao emphasized the development of the productive type service industry energetically by closing centering on the development of the oil, coal and gas in the Ordos Basin, implement the innovative and driving development strategy, improving the introduction, digestive absorption and re-innovation capabilities, so as to take up more market share in the field.
     Yao Jingjiang, member of the standing committee and the secretary general of Municipal Party Committee, and Hao Baocang, the vice president of municipal government, the chairman of Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and the president of Municipal General Chamber of Commerce, and responsible personnel in relevant departments directly controlled by the city accompanied the investigation and survey.