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Chairman Yuan Yanfeng was awarded the title of”Outsyanding Private Entrepreneur of Yan’an
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On the afternoon of Ferbruary 27,Yanan municipal party committee and government held the first session of the citys private economic development conference im Yan an. Proviincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Party Secretary Xu Xinrong attended the conference and made a speech.Xue Zhanhai,Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor,presided over the meeting. YaoJingQiang,Chairman of the municipal peoples political consultative conference attended the meeting.Vice Secretary of municipal party commitee Wu Tie read the Decision of Yanan Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of china and Yanan Municipal Peoples Government about the Recognition of the Outstanding Private Enterprise and the Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs,the standing commmittee of the munipipal party committee,Deputy  Mayor Ma HongYu unscramble the lmplementation Opinion on Accelerating the Development of Private Economy, municipal leaders Liu Jingtao, Sun Kuongling, Li Chunge, Ke Changwan, Deng Sitao, Yang Guangyuan took their seats on the rostrum.

At the meeting,Yan