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Group Chairman Invited to Attend Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Conference
Click:1938 Release time:2013-10-31

    On October 30, the municipal party Committee and Government held the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Conference, with Group chairman Yuan Yanfeng invited to attend.  

     The meeting was chaired by Yang Xin, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee. Yao Yinliang, secretary of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and municipal party committee, and Li Mingyuan, the provincial science and technology committee secretary and provincial science and technology department director, offered important speeches respectively on the development and planning of science and technology innovation work across the city.

    Liang Hongxian, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee as well as city mayor, reported on work scientific and technological innovation. City leaders awarded prizes to the 2nd Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers and Advanced Units and Outstanding Individuals of the City's Innovation of Science and Technology Work of Yan'an city. The Chairman of the company gave a speech on behalf of all of the outstanding science and technology innovation teams across the city.

     In attendance at the meeting were all county/district committee secretaries, county/district mayors, chairmen of the science and technology associations and science and the technology bureau chiefs of all counties/districts, civil-operated departments, persons in charge of the Yanan office of the provincial party committee, and technology-based enterprise representatives.