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The Company Held a Great Thought Discussion Activity of ‘Change the Style of Work, and Improve Quality’
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  To further enhance management levels and adapt to the development demands of the Company, great thought and discussion through mobilization of 'Change the Style of Work, and Improve Quality'deployed uniformly by the high-level cadres of the Company and held by the HR Center and Office was held ceremoniously in a Group Training Room on the morning of August 10.

      During the meeting, aiming at the discussion activity, Zhu Yanzhang, the vice-general manager of the Group, made a detailed summary. Each Branch Company and each Department manager of the Group made a speech during the activity. In addition Jing Jiankun, the general manager of the Company, made a final summary. The general manager analyzed the importance, purpose, necessity and feasibility of the activity in simple language from the perspective of the development environment of current private enterprise, the current mentality (working state) of company staff, the future development of the Company and the development foreground of staff and laid out the development form and the specific requirements. The general manager emphasized that the activity would enable staff to inquire within themselves to correctly locate their view of life and values, correct their working attitude and life attitude and finally realize the final purpose of “change the thought, change themselves, improve quality and make life better” though the activity. He stated that it would also build good foundation for the organizational culture for cultural refinement for the approval of staff.

     After the meeting, each branch Company and each department of the Group made detailed plans, the staff responded to the deployment positively and developed the activities in various forms, such as criticism and self-criticism, learning and relearning, vigorously.