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Summer Vacation Social Practice Team from China University of Geosciences Visited Our Company for a Dialogue
Click:1886 Release time:2013-08-07

     On the morning of August 6, the undergraduate summer vacation social practice team of the China University of Geosciences arrives at the Company, and the leaders of the Company met with the visiting students and had a communication meeting in a conference room of the Group.

      The leaders of the Company first offered an updated summary of the Company to the visiting students and answered the questions regarding items such as Yan'an spirit, view of life, study plans, career and self-employment proposed by the visiting students in details, analyzed the development change of the employment selectively, and put forward many valuable advice for future study and development from a perspective of the modern enterprises"requirements regarding employee talent. These aspects included such terms as 'wide scope of knowledge, good professionalization', 'To be a honest man, and do work steadfastly', 'Time management and efficiency improvement'. During the meeting, the Company also arranged staff representatives newly recruited in 2013 to have a deeper communication with the visiting students. After the meeting, they gave souvenirs to each and took a group photo to mark the occasion.   

        In the afternoon, under the extraordinary arrangement of the leaders of the Group, the visiting students visited the office areas of Group Headquarters and the Group's Miaogou Production Base.