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Company Holds Health Knowledge Training
Click:1846 Release time:2013-05-16

     According to the requirements of the HSE management system of the Company, the Company invited Professor Zhang Li in the Fourth Military Medical University to give a health knowledge training to further improve physical and mental health development level of the staff. On the afternoon of May 15, the training was held ceremoniously in the training room of the Group.

      By regarding ''''keep away from illness''''as the theme, professor Zhang explained the pathogenesis of several types of common chronic diseases and internal and external detailed factors being harmful to body health, and finally put forward important advice about disease prevention and health maintenance in the realm of mental health, living habits, and nutrition. After the meeting, professor Zhang carried out brief consultation and health tutorship for a portion of company staff.

      Health is an eternal topic of concern for humans. The Company since being set up strictly controls the aspects of drinking water quality, food sanitation, nutrition collation, physical examination and psychological counseling, improves continuously and pays highly attention to the physical and psychological health of the staff. The health knowledge training is another measure for the health project of the Company Staff. In the later stage, the Company will make persistent efforts to create a warm, sweet and healthy life and work environment.