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Dual Culture Base of Graduate Students of Xi'an Petroleum University unveil the nameplate at Our Company
Click:2175 Release time:2013-04-12

       At 14:30 of Apr. 11th, Prof. Qu Wentao, vice director of the Graduate Student Department at Xi'an Petroleum University, the Prof. Chen Junbin, the president of the Petroleum Engineering Colledge came to our Company and attended the nameplate unveiling ceremony of the Dual Culture Base of Graduate Student of Xi'an Petroleum University; and Jing Jiankun, the general manager of the Company attended the ceremony.

      The nameplate unveiling ceremony was held in the company meeting room. Professor Qu Wentao of Xi''''an Petroleum University briefly introduced the historical development and basic outline of Xi''''an Petroleum University, and made a brief description for the development situation of the dual culture mode of the graduate students in Xi''''an Petroleum University in recent years.

      To fully express the advantages of colleges and universities and the enterprises and to enhance the construction of the dual culture base of the graduate students is an effective path for improving the practical capability and innovative capability of the students and promoting the education of the graduate students to adapt to the strategic demands of speeding up the construction of the innovative country, and also can efficiently improve the scientific and technical level and innovative and researching capabilities of the enterprises.