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The Company Succeed in Pushing out MFNL Multifunctional Nucleus Logging Technology
Click:1824 Release time:2013-01-05

     On January 5, 2013, the Company, under the support of a partner Company in Canada and the American Research & Development Center, succeeded in pushing out the MFNL Multifunctional Nucleus Logging Technology.

      The HFNL is a high-precision logging system which is developed through updating and expanding the nucleus neutron logging equipment and explanation system after technical track, analysis and research on the nucleus neutron logging in thousands of wells made by the scientific and research institution for many years and is used for the saturation degrees of oil and gas of new and old wells of the oilfields. The multifunctional nuclear spectrum analysis greatly improves the utilization of the original data. In comparison with similar equipment already in existence, the MFNL at present is the casing logging technology with the highest precision in the world.