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The president and accompaniers of AP Polymer Science and Technology Visit the Company
Click:1834 Release time:2012-12-09


       On the morning of December 9, Zheng Yan, the president of Beijing AP Polymer Science and Technology Co (doctorate in engineering, Master of Science and researcher) and doctor Li Shusheng, the general manager, came to investigate and visit our Company. The two parties had a negotiation regarding further development of the ongoing cooperation. The negotiation was held in the company meeting room. Workers from the Science and Technology Department and the leaders of the Group participated in negotiations.

         As a strategic partner, Beijing AP Polymer Science and Technology Co alongside our Group always insist on the concept of complementing each other''s advantages and developing together, thereby achieving remarkable effects. In this negotiation, the two parties firstly made a review and summary for the achievements and disadvantages of the cooperation in the past, then discussed future cooperation, reaching many important agreements. The whole negotiation promoted the cooperation of the two parties to new heights.