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Domestically famous expert takes up role as company chief expert and consultant
Click:1771 Release time:2012-11-20

     The Group specially invited Prof. Shi Yongmin, the researcher of the Petroleum and Gas Research Center of Peking University, research supervisor and member of Expert Team of National Silicon Sand Utilization Key Lab, as the chief expert of the Company, and the Prof. Li Xiangfang, the doctoral supervisor and former president of Petroleum and Gas Engineering Collage of China University Of Petroleum (Beijing) and at the same time director of the Beijing Association of petroleum as the chief consultant of the Company to further realize the development strategy of the Group.

        On the morning of November 20 2012, the Group specially invited Professor Li Xiangfang to hold a technical seminar at the Company, and the leaders and relevant staff in the Science and Technology Department of the Group, the Oilfield Technical Service Company and the Drilling Company participated in the seminar. The seminar was held as scheduled in the meeting room of the Group. At the seminar, the two parties discussed and communicated about the development trend of several professional technologies and the new technologies; and the Prof. Li answered the doubts proposed by the technical workers in our Company in details.