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The Company specially invited HSE management system expert to give thematic knowledge training
Click:1462 Release time:2012-11-14

       On Nov. 14, 2012, the Group specially invited HSE expert Zhang to give thematic knowledge training in our Company; and the technicians and field managers of the Company participated in the training. 
       The HSE training was held in the meeting room of the Group; and in the training, the expert Zhang described the concepts and factors of the health, safety and environment protection in the construction process in details, explained the construction site and various visible or invisible events possibly existing in the working process from point, line and plane, multi-angle and symmetrically, and normalized and guided the HSE key points of the daily work of the workers of our Company through professional point of view.

       The HSE management system has more than 20 development history in the world; and the domestic and foreign petroleum industries has established  relatively complete HSE management system successively to efficiently reduce disasters brought about by high risks in production, so as to guarantee the health and stability of development of the enterprise. Our Company pays much attention to the construction of the HSE system, and improves continuously; and this training enables partial staff of the Group to further deepen the recognition for the HSE management system and plays important influence to the following production activity.