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Industrial experts: challenge and opportunity of chemical engineering industry coexists and four problems exist
Click:1610 Release time:2013-08-27

      On August 27, Zhao Jungui, the vice president of CNPC and Chemical Industry Joint Association, when attending the '2013 CPCIC'press conference in Xi'an of Shaanxi, pointed out the petrochemical engineering industry of our country developed smoothly up in the first half year, but also met with serious situation and needs to speed up and change the development way, so as to improve the development quality comprehensively.

       Zhao Jungui introduced the economic running trend of the situation and chemical industry of our country in the first half of the year. Generally speaking, there are five remarkable features below for the operation of the industrial economy in the first half of the year: the economic trend is steady, the industrial structure update is progressing steadily, the investment structure is optimized continuously, the benefits seem to be improved and price slowdowns are declining. The problem in the operation of the current industrial economy is mainly embodied in the following four aspects: obvious contradiction of excess production capacity, insufficient effective demand, relatively weak integral competitive force of the petrochemicals, and severe safety and environment protection trend.

      In the first half of the year, faced with complex and changeable macro-economic situation, the economic operation of the petroleum and the chemical industry totally developed smoothly. The industrial benefits improved, industrial structure was adjusted, transformation and upgrading was promoted steadily, investment structure was optimized continuously, exports continued their growth, and supply and demand was basically steady. From January to June 28,130 enterprises in the entire industry realized sales revenue of approximately MB 63 billion, and increased 9.3% year-on-year. Total profit was RMB 39.445 billion and increased by 9.6%; the paid tax was RMB 42.459 billion and increased by 5.1%; the finished fixed-asset investments of RMB 85.595 billion and increased by 16.6%. Total export-import volume of USD 31.521 billion and dropped by 2.1%; the total export is USD 85.84 billion and increased by 2.4%; and the total assets was RMB 96 billion and increased by 12.6%.

      Zhao Jungui stated that in the next several years, the development of the petroleum and chemical engineering industry in our country enter into a new stage and locates at a period of important strategic opportunities for being able to develop our skill to the full. However, the bottleneck factors such as the change of the international market demand, the gradually stricter environment requirements across the globe, the speed-up of the high-tech application, the pressure of the excess production capacity of the industrial industry, the technical policy faced by the emerging industry are still the barriers must be overcome for the industrial development. As a result, we must research new issues emerging through industrial development, discuss new ideas for industrial development and develop international industrial cooperation more widely, referring to international industrial development new mode positively, study new experiences of the foreign industry development, practically improve the scientific and technical innovative capabilities, speed up changing the economic development way, comprehensively improve the quality of the industrial development and realize the sustainable development of the industry. (From Chinese Radio Network on August 27.)